Avatar - Astounding...Breathtaking

First off, I did NOT want to see this movie. I saw the trailer and thought "the movie industry is definitely clutching at straws...what is the world coming to...". But after hearing mention of the movie again and again, people telling me how great it was my attitude towards it started to change to "...am I missing something here? Was I to judgmental? After all, unlike a book, you are meant to judge a movie by it's trailer...right?" So after receiving an invite to go see the 3D version, I took it.

The story was so-so to good, but the movie absolutely blew me away. Was I emotionally invested in the story? You bet! The storytelling in this movie was unprecedented, James Cameron used every trick in the book and probably added a few chapters of his own. This movie is 40% real life and 60% photo-realistic CGI and what I loved was that the boundary between the two is so blurred that it becomes invisible. The story is so well told that everything seems real and time flies by. It might help that the two worlds that get depicted never really mix for long periods of time, but the universe that is shown is massive, believable, beautiful and detailed. The movie should have been made following Titanic in 1999 but the technology was not quite where it needed to be and no studio was willing to foot the $400 000 000 CGI bill.

Did the fact that I watched the movie in 3D immerse me deeper into the story? Quite possibly, but the fact is that this is one of the best told stories I have seen in a long time. I did not know what to expect of it, but I am excited for movies coming out in the future as this one definitely raises the bar.

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