Community Overload

As you might have noticed I have recently started blogging and looking at all the other services people use to stay in touch. These are the community sites and services I currently have accounts for;

  • FaceBook - massively popular community site, I am here
  • Flickr - photography site, check my pics out here
  • Twitter - micro blogging site, follow me here
  • Blogger(of course) - you guessed it, you are already here:)
  • Gmail - the best free email solution :)
  • Skype - chat application that can make landline calls and send SMS messages, phone me here
  • Zyb - site that allows you to back up your phone contacts and attempts to create a community based on that information, find me here
  • Remember The Milk - site to manage todo lists and your calendar, looks to have a nice iPhone app as well
  • TripIt - I am still playing around with this, apparently this site will manage your travel itinerary, I am here
  • Digg - site to discover and share content from anywhere on the web, I am here
  • delicious - social bookmarking service, I am here
  • FriendFeed - site that aims to bring together all others to consolidate and sumarize them, find me here
  • - official XBox-360 site, find me here
  • - South African XBox-360 community site, their leaderboad can be found here
  • - site listing helpful hints for XBox 360 achievements
  • iTunes - Apple's application to overcharge for music
  • Mozy - site that allows you to back up your data to the web
  • not to mention all the retail sites Amazon, eBay, Kalahari, Take2, ...

I hope they all have rock solid privacy policies :)


Garren said...
February 16, 2009 at 9:33 AM

Thats a lot of sites... How many do you actually use?

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